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Advice for start-ups, business founders and freelancers:

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Germany teems with potential and possibilities. A strong economy and a vibrant start-up scene ceaselessly expand and innovate here. The Southwest, in particular, is renowned for its inventive energy, creating the perfect milieu for launching your enterprise.

But there’s more to why so many choose to set their roots in the Southwest. A prime reason is the high quality of life; you can work successfully and enjoy a quality life. Thus, the region hands you all you require: a robust economy, affluent customers, and breathtaking natural surroundings.

So, if the thought of founding your own company is on your mind, there’s no time like the present! Embrace your opportunities and join this thrilling entrepreneurial movement.

Now it’s your turn — start your own business!

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We are start-up.coach —
Your supporter on the path to founding your own business.

Wondering where to start? Where can you find robust support and advice for your start-up? Right here! At start-up.coach, we’re your premier contact in Southwest Germany for all things related to business creation.

With start-up.coach by your side, you’ve got a formidable partner who will accompany you from your first idea to the successful execution of your business plan. We provide a wide range of subsidized advisory services – from start-up consulting to specialized support for entrepreneurs with immigration backgrounds. We’re well-acquainted with the regional peculiarities and networks in the Southwest that can propel you to success.

Whether you have queries about financing, business plans, or legal matters — thanks to the tangible support from start-up.coach, you’ll find the correct answers. Schedule a free initial consultation with us — you can pose all your questions and receive preliminary feedback on your business idea.

Let’s collaboratively discover how we can turn your vision of owning a business into a reality.

Now it’s your turn — establish your own company!
start-up.coach is here to assist you.

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Step by Step to Your Own,
Successful Business
— Here's How

Many dream of their own successful business. Even with a stable job market in Southern Germany, numerous individuals contemplate leaping self-employment. The reasons vary widely. The start-up trend inspires some, and they aim to try their hand at launching and growing a successful enterprise. Others become entrepreneurs convinced that their business idea or invention is compelling enough to conquer the market. And then there are those who see self-employment as the only path to professional advancement.

Regardless of your motivation for becoming a founder — we’re here to guide you on the journey to independence and show you step-by-step instructions on building your successful business.

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Every building needs a solid foundation, just as every successful business requires a robust base. Even the best business idea must be thoroughly scrutinized to ensure business concepts are worthwhile.

Therefore, we’ll get your business idea down on paper, as every successful founding story needs a well-thought-out script and a strong team for support in execution.

We offer you a free initial consultation for guidance. We inform you about your options, like available grants and subsidies. In further advisory sessions and workshops, we’ll craft your individual roadmap for successfully realizing your business idea. The outcome of our collaboration is a tailor-made, bank-ready business plan.

This qualifies you optimally for further discussions with savings banks, banks, and investors.



Not everything that sounds good brings in good money. Show us what you have in mind, and we’ll give you our honest opinion.


Is my idea truly suitable as a business concept? We ask you the right questions to find out.


Success has to be planned. With us, you will reach the decisive milestones at the right time.


Even the best plan-ning can fail due to incorrect execution. We support you in the professional realization of your ideas.


Every business needs capital. Half of all companies fail due to poor financial planning. To ensure your venture’s success, we provide detailed financial planning advice. We determine your financial needs for the first three years to keep your business from running out of steam. This includes careful investment planning, enabling you, for instance, to finance essential investments with favorable public funding.

Negotiating with banks is our forte. We’ve been successfully supporting entrepreneurs for over a decade. As a result, you benefit from our longstanding connections with decision-makers at banks nationwide. We accompany you through the entire financing process, from arranging meetings with the bank to the disbursement of loans.


The real journey begins after the launch, as entrepreneurs’ challenges often become apparent in daily operations. You need the right tools to keep your business on a successful trajectory. Regular checks to ensure everything is going according to plan are essential. We’re here to help with that.

We regularly compare your company’s results with the plans and make necessary course corrections when needed — such as in staffing, sales, marketing, or customer communication.

By the way: For successful financing, lenders often value that an entrepreneur is accompanied by competent partners in the planning and monitoring their business goals over an extended period.


You attract the customers you call out to! Even the best business idea can’t succeed if no one knows about it, which is why marketing should never be left to chance for founders.

In the script for your successful entrepreneurial story, the chapter on “Advertising and Public Image” is one of the most crucial. Regardless of the target groups you’re addressing, your offer needs to be excellent and appealing.

We support you in planning and implementing your marketing. This includes developing logos, promotional materials, and an attractive website and devising a real advertising strategy to ensure you can successfully utilize the many opportunities that platforms like social media offer.

We also speak ...

What we value most about Southwest Germany is its diversity of people from various backgrounds.

For instance, current statistics indicate that  nearly one in four residents in Baden-Württemberg has an immigrant background.

That’s why we offer our consulting services in several languages.

Find out more >

We also speak English.
Mówimy również po polsku.
Ми також розмовляємо українською та російською

Consulting – As Unique
As You
and Your Business

We understand that each person is unique — and so are their aspirations. That’s why we tailor our consulting to meet the specific needs of our clients. We’re here to help you realize your dream of owning your own business. Professional, straightforward, sincere, and on equal footing. So, don’t wait — start the journey with us now!

Get in touch, get advice, and get started!

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Facts & News

Förderung für Deinen Neustart — der AVGS-Gutschein

Dein eigenes Business — der beste Neustart aus der Arbeitslosigkeit … gefördertet durch den AVGS-Gutschein
Du bist arbeitssuchend und suchst nach einer neuen beruflichen Perspektive? Die Gründung des eigenen Unternehmens kann genau der Neustart sein, den Du suchst. Interessanterweise gaben 29% dieser Gründer an, vor ihrer Gründung arbeitslos gewesen zu sein.

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Wir sind start-up.coach — Dein Partner auf dem Weg zum Erfolg.

Mit start-up.coach an Deiner Seite hast Du einen starken Partner, der Dich von der ersten Idee bis zur erfolgreichen Umsetzung Deiner Geschäftsidee begleitet. Ob Du Fragen zur Finanzierung, zum Businessplan oder zu rechtlichen Aspekten hast – dank der konkreten Unterstützung von start-up.coach, findest Du die richtigen Antworten.

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Wir sprechen auch…

Wir sprechen auch Englisch, Polnisch und Ukrainisch/Russisch. Aktuelle Statistiken zeigen, dass fast jeder 4 Mensch, der im Südwesten Deutschlands lebt, einen Migrationshintergrund hat. Das bedeutet auch, dass viele Menschen, deren Muttersprache nicht Deutsch ist, zusätzliche Herausforderungen auf Ihrem Weg zur Selbstständigkeit meistern müssen.

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